Dreamcraft was created as attempt to estabilish an entity which creates games not for mere making money, but for making games that educates, entertains and that are something above than just waste of time.

We strongly disagree on money grabbing tendency on game market, as well as with simplifing game mechanics and ideas.

We think games are serious thing, which can give the same (or even better) experience than books, film, lessons etc.  

We want to share our ideas and would be very happy if some other game developers created games with our ideas.


My name is Alexey Molchanov. I am Managing Director of Dreamcraft Corp., indi game developer.

I am no programmer, no artist. Actually I am a lawyer, who felt he choose the wrong path. I created Dreamcraft to concentrate on the things I like the most: game developement. 

My partner is Sergey Molchanov, he is also have no relation to computer science. 

So, we think our experience can be useful to anyone who wants to become game developer – at least we can tell a lot what you really should NOT do. 

We also want to share out view on games we play, and tools we buy and use,


E-mail us: info@Dreamcraftcrop.com
Address: 108 West 13th Street, Wilmington, DE, 19801